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Jul 23, 2014

Ahh so much text. So Tyler and I leave for work by 8:30AM and don’t get home till after 5PM. Therefore, our dog Jeb does not go outside ‘til then. But we have a roommate who does not go to work ‘til 4PM (everyday) so he is SUPPOSED to let the dog out. 

Everyfuckingday he leaves his coffee maker in the MIDDLE of the kitchen counter (and coffee stains all over as well.) Therefore I know if he went to work just by looking in the kitchen. Well today he did not have work in the morning (2nd job - I even texted a friend who works with him to check) so he was supposed to be home all day - and let the dog out. I got home at 5:30PM and Jeb’s leash was in the same spot and when I took him outside he peed for 20 straight seconds. I sent my roommate a text asking if he took him out and got no response; although he was home before work because of the coffee stains and such. He just got home and I asked him again if he took Jeb out, his response was that he was at his parents today and got a haircut. Well, even if he was he still had just enough time in the morning to take a shower, play xbox (controller was out,) and even come home to make his coffee for work. That whole time though apparently he couldn’t take the dog out.

And it’s not the fact that he didn’t take the dog out but it’s because I KNOW he is lying to me. I caught him in a lie a few weeks ago about not taking the dog out and I couldn’t stop laughing because of how hard I caught him. It looked like a bus hit him when I told him how I knew he was lying. 

This may seem so little but because it occurs all the time it is extremely annoying to me. But also I WANT to find things to accuse my roommate of being horrible just so I feel better about myself. I suppose that makes me a bad person as well. 

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Jul 23, 2014

So P90x

I’ve recently come up with the most brilliant idea of engaging in the P90x phenomenon. Because I’m working full-time I don’t have enough energy to completely dedicate myself to the load it needs to succeed. Instead of saying “oh hey, I will start this cold turkey in two weeks when my job ends” I thought to myself “why not prepare now?” And so it begins…sort of.

I haven’t officially started my 90 days. I figured I will start after my job does end BUT for now I can workout after work and learn what the workout routines are like without the strict diet restrictions it requires. You could say today is day -12. I picked the whole body workout routine - wow, big mistake. Maybe all those videos are a big mistake. After stretching I wanted to curl in a ball on the floor and die. Then the workout begun. Going into this (and proving it even more during the exercise) I knew I could not do a pull up or more than 5 pushups even if I wanted to; my body shut DOWN. 20 minutes in and the realization that I am so out of shape hit me and I wanted to cry. Thank god a friend came over and saved me from my misery - unfortunately I will be finishing those 20 minutes with Tony later.

Despite the realization I won’t give up - I hope I won’t give up because this feels like my last chance to change. If anything, when I look at a picture of a triple cheeseburger stack, I have absolutely no desire to partake in the delicious combination that is in front of me. A first.

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Jul 21, 2014

Me, me, and me..

Despite the endless Word blogs that exist I cannot find one that I seem to like. Therefore, I kneel to ‘Tumblr’ to complete my weekly duties of complaints and endless unaffordable fashion obsessions.

As soon as my roommate walks in around 10:30 the hate shall rise up from the ashes and consume this post.

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